Social Media

Reach out and talk to somebody.  

Yup, social media. You've been told, you must be on this; Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, Google+, blogging, email, etc.  The list can go on and on and on and on...... the important thing is who're you trying to reach and where are they in your market.

Today, the options for getting in front of your potential customers seem as endless as the videos on Youtube.  What's important?  What and more importantly, HOW should YOU promote your business?

Yes, it's key to be on social or digital media,  (just like it was in the ol'timey days when direct mail and radio spots were the newest kid on the block.)  The thing is now, it's your customers who are in charge on how they want to hear your message.  It's no longer you pushing info at them but pulling them in with things they want, like a two way conversation like, whats that concept that we've heard rumors of....yeah, a relationship, real customer service, even a conversation where your business works with your customer's needs.  Who knows, done right maybe this will be the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

So that's where we come in, we help you determine what mix will work for you and how to implement a program that will add to your business and not take away valuable time and resources from running your business.