You Have A Great Company- Everyone Should Know About It!



By Determining Your voice


Big Picture Consulting

We look over your company and what you stand for to your customers. We translate your uniqueness by using our experience  to show what makes you special.

By Conveying Your Message



We determine with you what is the best way to talk to your customers. We go to where your customers are at and best present how you can benefit them 

By delivering authentic EXPERIENCEs



There’s no room today for anything less than being true to your audience. We provide you the means to reach out personally and virtually to where your customers are.

What We Do....

We’re here to help you!  We use our abilities to bring your distinctive voice to your customers. We do this by evaluating your current approach and then working our "monkey magic" through a variety of services:










Working with you, we identify and engage your customers wherever they're at be it mobile, twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Custom Events, Video, etc. 


We then bring in the "big bannanas" (that's what we call the talent) with the Creative Executions of dance monkey productions

bigstockphoto_Special_Event_Ticket_430660 copy.png

Have a specific project, or need to get some more info? 

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Brand Positioning

We know you get it!

You're passionate about what you do and the quality product and services you provide.  We understand that and help you translate your passion and image to your audience.

Looking at your market, and your product, we understand how to best present and translate your vision to your customers.


Portfolio Examples Coming Soon. 

Event Marketing

It's all about the experience, you're no longer just a product. Customers want authentic interactions with the companies that they CHOOSE to deal with in the market.  We will look at your current practices and see where we can create places that best work for your image and your brand. 

We provide services to create fun, customized brand experiences and deliver to where your customers and fans are and we can produce, execute and even capture the event so that others can see you in action!  This could be your own event, small or large, or co-markeitng with other great companies to provide that intangible connection with your audience.  

Portfolio Coming Soon. 

Video Highlights shot by dmp fromThe Runner's Soul and TRS Racing sponsored Thanksgiving Day 2011 Run 3.14 Pie race with proceeds going to local charity, La Grange B.E.D.s 


Sales Enhancement

Great!  You've got a fantastic product, people are aware of your presence, your social media is social, your marketing is marketable, now what...? Oh, yes, SALES.  That's what's this is all about isn't it? It's wonderful that everybody knows about you and "likes" you but..... it all has to come back to sales.

That's where we come in, looking at all the touchpoints in your business where people are engaged and seeing how to get the engagement to translate into sales using our various marketing techniques.

 We'll also help develop your staff and processes to extend your brand personally to your customer and help pull people in- not only to buy into your business but to buy FROM your business. 


Social Media

Reach out and talk to somebody.  

Yup, social media. You've been told, you must be on this; Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, Google+, blogging, email, etc. The list can go on and on and on and on...... the important thing is who're you trying to reach and where are they in your market.

Today, the options for getting in front of your potential customers seem as endless as the videos on Youtube.  What's important?  What and more importantly, HOW should YOU promote your business?

Yes, it's key to be on social or digital media,  (just like it was in the ol'timey days when direct mail and radio spots were the newest kid on the block.)  The thing is now, it's your customers who are in charge on how they want to hear your message.  It's no longer you pushing info at them but pulling them in with things they want, like a two way conversation like, whats that concept that we've heard rumors of....yeah, a relationship, real customer service, even a conversation where your business works with your customer's needs.  Who knows, done right maybe this will be the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

So that's where we come in, we help you determine what mix will work for you and how to implement a program that will add to your business and not take away valuable time and resources from running your business.